Tuesday, March 30, 2010


yea yea.. as the title of this post suggests.. there was a minor accident today.. while i was driving my instructor's car.. there was this malay woman.. driving a car.. which i forgotten what car that is... banged my instructor car while trying to overtake me..
yea.. overtaking a L license fella.. how smart.. well.. what is done is done.. thank god not much damage is done.. well.. friday gonna be my pra test.. gonna pay another rm440.. I'M OFFICIALLY..BANkrupt!!!
and ya stop nagging me.. and stop repeating the same thing.. it's annoying!
i guess that's it for now.. see ya people.. will update next time.. =)

Happieeee.. ^^

woo it's 2 am now.. and i am not sleeping yet.. i am very happieeee right now.. her words made my day.. and i promise that.. whenever u need me.. i will be there for u k dong.. =) freaking happy.. tomolo will be even a better day.. till then.. sweet dreams people.. nitez.. i reli miss your laughter.. i reli do girl.. =)

Monday, March 29, 2010

After so long... I'm Back!

after 1 year plus... i am finally back updating my blog.. somehow i am inspired to blog again.. maybe after viewing others' blog.. found a blog.. a blog of a friend's.. her story really touched my heart.. and i hope she will be over with it soon.. *i know u will ya =) and yea.. gonna update my blog again.. yeap.. till then people..

Thursday, August 13, 2009


wow.. it has been long since i updated my blog.. well.. here i am again.. today went watch a movie with evelyn.. Gi Joe!
this movie is one of the best ever movies i have watched this
year.. full of actions.. seriously.. is one action after another.. non-stop action i will say.. from the air till into the sea.. and i reli like the part when they "suntik" zartan's face.. eve was like covering her face.. hah.. funny case.. :p k la.. great movie.. u guys should watch it. reli good movie.. waiting for the sequels now.. ^^.. that's it for now.. chao ppl...

P.S haha.. auntie cannot watch with us lo.. :p


Saturday, August 1, 2009

MACC Downfall Parody

found this video.. interesting...

Friday, July 31, 2009

New Wallet! ^^

well.. today i ponteng school.. lol.. suddenly feel lazy to go la.. haiz... after my breakfast.. was thinking on what to do for today.. should i go watch movie or something.. lazy wan go alone though. zzz.. after that mum went carrefour.. she came back with food.. oil.. drinks.. and i did not really expect her to buy something for me... a wallet! haha.. now i can replace my old wallet that i have used for the past 2 years.. ^^thanks mum!

p.s. wanna go watch HP not? lol..


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Newspaper! Cheerleading!

today was such a hectic day man... after school.. lynn came with his black myvi.. lol.. bringing piles of...
yea.. newspaper that i asked from her and perlyn for my school project.. hope we can break that record.. lol.... thanks alot to them lo. lol.. after that went lepak around at dp.. watched the cheerleading competition between schools in melaka..
it was so "meriah" with all those screaming.. shouting.. lol.. yea congrats to high school for getting the 1st place.. IJC second place.. third bukit baru.. and fourth is sri tanjung(andre's ex school)
after the competition went home.. with lynn's car.. lol.. she's a good driver la.. i din expect her to be that good.. *jealous* xD well that's it for now.. will be updating soon..

P.s thanks to my other frens like kai sing and fennie.. for all ur newspaper! lol.. arigato!
and ya.. i know i still owe u a meal la auntie.. xD